Friday, 21 October 2011

Melancholic States: A Collection Of Dark Verse

Well versed in the versatility of the written word yet contorted by the inflection of inner reflection. Yes, that's pretty much one way of describing my latest e-book: Melancholic States: A Collection of Dark Verse, currently available on Amazon. And so it goes - poetry: a vehicle for tormented souls eager to baffle.

Not letting this notion perturb me too much in my relentless efforts to get my works noticed by a wider audience, I thought I'd share my contorted inflections with you, dear visitor. This collection is basically anti-verse; anti-rules; anti-iambic, and everything in between.. The Rebel Without A Cause of the flowery world of self-important literary luminescence preoccupied by their own narcissistic opinion of what, and how indeed, the poetic form should take!

So, if you like something a little different, please follow the link and be baffled...



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  2. At the end of the year, I just wanted to report that according to my Amazon Affiliates report, my website sold 16 copies of "Go Away! I Need You!"