Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Blue Spheres Conspiracy: The Truth About God & Extraterrestrials

It's amazing what getting dumped by a girlfriend achieves. My first novel, well, my only novel to date actually, The Blue Spheres Conspiracy, published previously by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie in paperback, is out there again in digital form! This time on Kindle... If 2001: A Space Odyssey is your bag, then this might just appeal too... As soon as the title goes live I'll add a link:

Basically, forget everything you know (or don't wish to know) about the Bible. Jesus was, in fact, a drug-addled, homosexual, test-tube created, extraterrestrial. It's that simple! As for God, hell, He was nothing more than Stephen Hawkin without the wheels or vocoda. The Blue Spheres Conspiracy isn't so much science-fiction than science-faction; masquerading as truth this tale is guaranteed to make you think a bit...

I'm David Surman, by the way, and this is my first attempt at blogging. I'll let you know how the Kindle thing goes soon but please, be my guest and check it out if you've got bugger all else to do. Especially if you've just been dumped by your girlfriend and need something to keep your fingers busy... 


  1. Cool Dave, I've been blogging now for a couple of months and it's dead fun. My blog is about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but to be honest it's just the idea that someone is reading the shit I'm typing that keeps me going. Oh, and the fact that it's cataloguing my memories on my given subject. Good luck with it all dude. I'll make you my first non Jiu Jitsu related blog that I will follow. By the way, make sure you get yourself on feedburner and add a feed icon to your blog site so people can follow you more easily. If you need any more advice(or needed it at all for that matter, you may already know the shit I'm spouting at you) on this shit just Pm me through facebook. It's Martin Eyre btw, just in case you hadn't made the connection :o) Good luck.

  2. Hey! Cheers Martin. I'm now loyaly following you too friend... Thank you!